Lingerie Tuesday at Bucks Cabaret

The pin-up artist Vargas knew what he was doing. Nearly 100 years after his first efforts, his work is still admired, even drooled over, by generations of young men. Most of Vargas’ work showed sexy women in lingerie, leaving some things to the imagination. This is why Bucks Cabaret’s Lingerie Tuesdays are such great events. Guys can come and admire something frilly, something downright sexy and something that leaves a few special surprises for later. 

A Little Reveals a Lot

Lingerie is complex, both in reality and psychologically. Women tend to buy it for others to see, but often a bit of lingerie beneath everyday wear can boost a woman’s confidence, reports The New York Times. We know what it does to guys – what gentleman does not get a charge out of getting an unintended peek of a whale tail under jeans? 

Lingerie is carefully designed to mix potential with pleasure. What you see is seldom all there is to see, and the lingerie hints tantalizingly of more to come. 

On Your Own

If you join a gentlemen’s club, such as Bucks Cabaret either in Fort Worth or Dallas, on a Lingerie Tuesday, you can have a great time on your own, watching the parade of leather, lace, feathers and frills on our beautiful entertainers. Forgetting an ex is easy when you have lingerie to look at. 

Date Night

A great way to spice up a night and set the stage for late-night fun is by attending Lingerie Tuesday with that special someone. She can get a sense of what you like, and you can help build the anticipation that no matter what you two see on stage, what she has will top it all

Women, say the experts at Ask Men, enjoy the feeling of strength and confidence that comes with showing off some very private bits of nothing for their special man. Rather than view the exotic dancers of Bucks Cabaret as competition, your lady can consider them the warm-up act for her main attraction. 


When you take the sensuous silky splendor of Lingerie Tuesday and combine it with Bucks Cabaret’s great food and drink specials, you have a formula for a fantastic evening. Tuesdays features U-Call-Its for only $2.25 from opening time until closing. Be sure to ask about daily food specials, or enjoy an appetizer, entree and dessert with the spectacular lingerie show.