A fully-stocked bar, plenty of delicious snacks, and half-naked playmates are what most guys dream of, and that’s what defines a great strip club. It’s a fun and magical place to relax and just let go.

But while we want to enjoy the fun with the girls, we must also adhere to the unspoken strip club rules to maximize our enjoyment. And it all starts with steering clear of some mistakes. So let’s discuss common mistakes guys make, plus some strip club tips to maximize your enjoyment.

Being Rude to the Servers, Performers, and Other Staff

Sometimes when we enter a strip club, we leave our basic human decency out the door. Also, some guys are just impolite. However, you should know that everyone at the club is there for a reason. 

Some are having fun like you, while others are just doing their jobs to make sure you’re entertained. Therefore, you shouldn’t make any of them uncomfortable as you may be asked to leave the club.

Failing to Respect the Strip Club’s Rules

Every strip club has rules — even our Bucks clubs in Fort Worth, TX, have rules that every guy should follow. However, some guys fail to respect the strip club’s code of conduct. 

We understand that rules vary depending on the strip club’s location, and you don’t always have to dig deeper to understand strip club rules in your location. However, it’s worth checking with our strip club to understand the basics and to respect every rule.

Forgetting to Check Prices Up Front

At Bucks Clubs Fort Worth, TX, we feed your eyes, mind, and stomach at the same time. But it’s not free. Costs vary depending on the services you need (and get). 

However, some guys forget to confirm prices before requesting services. For instance, you want to watch or dance with our beautiful girls but don’t know how much it costs. We urge you to check prices upfront before requesting a lap dance or any other service from our dance professionals to prevent surprises.

Trying to Snag a Sexy Video or Photo

You wouldn’t like someone snapping a photo or taking a video without your consent, especially when you’re almost naked. Most of our girls (and even us) don’t like people snapping photos or videos of them while they perform. 

However, some would love to take a selfie or do a video with you. But it’s always good to ask first. You can explore our gallery to see our sexiest girls in Fort Worth.

Bringing a Date Who Does Not Want to be at a Strip Club

Surprising your loved one with a date night at our strip club can add some spark to your relationship. Not everyone in the relationship has the same interests, so before you book a date with us, check with your partner to make sure they like it here so that everyone can have fun and enjoy every moment at our strip club. 

Otherwise, our lovely beautiful entertainers will steer clear of your seat once they notice the discomfort in your partner.

Not Checking the Club’s Money-Saving Special

A date at a strip club comes at a cost. You must pay for the drinks, dance laps, and other services. Fortunately, you can save some cash by exploring our strip club specials

For instance, we offer domestic and imported beer daily at a great price. We also have daily specials on drinks, meals, and transport.

Not Tipping the Performers

We appreciate our entertainers not only for their talents but also for their hard work. Not everyone can dance and entertain us, and we appreciate those who put in extra effort to make us happy.

Therefore, our girls deserve a little tip. And you don’t have to splash a thousand dollars on them — tipping a few dollars on each entertainer will keep you on their good sides.

Skipping the VIP Experience

Our VIP membership is not always for the rich and famous, but some guys assume so and miss the VIP experience. You can sign up for our VIP guest list at no cost to enjoy huge perks, including free gifts and access to exclusive party packages and deals. 

It doesn’t take much to join our club’s list of special guests.

Not Taking Advantage of All The Strip Club Amenities

When we mention a strip club, every guy thinks of the beautiful and curvaceous entertainers. But most of them aren’t aware of the clubs’ amenities. As a result, they end up not utilizing all the strip club’s amenities. 

A great strip club offers amenities, including a full bar, party planning services, sports viewing parties, delicious food, and more.


At bucks Club, we party seven days a week. So after a long day at work, feel free to stop by our strip club and enjoy our weekly drink specials at great prices. 

Enjoy domestic long-neck beers at just $1.75 or imported long-neck beers at $2.75 on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Additionally, we do pick-ups and drop-offs for parties of four or more in our 16-person Mercedez. Visit our site to view our daily specials.

Best Food and Drink Specials in Greenville

Bucks clubs Fort Worth, TX, offers the best food and drink specials. Our beautiful entertainers are always ready to go the extra mile to entertain you. 

However, avoiding the common mistakes guys make at a strip club is essential, like skipping the VIP experience and failing to respect the strip club rules is essential. Get in touch with us to learn more about our strip club rules and daily specials.