Philadelphia is a city full of rich history that is embedded deep within the roots of The United States. As a modern city, Philadelphia boasts a vast assortment of adult activities year-round that are sure to keep you out of the house until the late (or early) hours.

Whether you are a local or you’re from out of town and looking to take in the local scene, you can find something new and exciting to do at virtually any hour. Check out these four exciting attractions that are sure to shake up your fall routine or to add a little spice to your next trip to Philadelphia.

Adventure and Excitement At Franklin Square

Franklin Square is a 180-year-old public square and one of the original five public squares of Philadelphia. Known for its water fixtures and wide bright walking spaces the park also includes a full evening worth of activities.

You can start your evening with dinner at SquareBurger, go head to head in a game of mini-golf, and finish the evening off with a romantic fountain show or ride on the carousel.

Franklin Square is also a great place to host your next event for your business or your birthday and is suitable for all attendees of all ages.

Why this is a must? Franklin Square has been a staple of Philadelphia for nearly 200 years and is the perfect activity for any age or group.

See A Live Jazz Band

Philadelphia has a music scene that is bursting at the seams with different genres so you’ll never be without your options for live music on any given night. However, jazz is often the genre that’s most readily available throughout Philadelphia nightlife.

The original home of some of the greatest names in jazz such as Billie Holiday and Dizzie Gillespie. Philadelphia is an international destination for some of the biggest names in jazz today as well as their fans. Due to the size and competition of the jazz scene, you’re never too far away from a great jazz venue that’s sure to have some talented musicians inside.

Why this is a must? Chris’ Jazz Cafe is a venue that hosts jazz performers from around Philadelphia and from around the world.

Take In dinner and a show at Buck’s Cabaret

Bucks Cabaret has everything you need for a full night of adult entertainment under one roof in Philadelphia. Instead of having to bounce from the restaurant to the bar, to the club, to the after-party spot, you can enjoy every amenity from all those activities under one roof.

Bucks always has fantastic food and drink specials like $2.75 imported beers and discounted admission for the early birds every day! Buck’s is open late and is sure to keep you entertained the whole night.

Buck’s also has locations across the country, so you’re never too far from the nation’s best adult entertainment.

Why this is a must? Bucks Cabaret has the highest caliber of live exotic entertainment in Philadelphia. Buck’s also boasts a vast drink selection and affordable, delicious meals, all in one spot. With locations all over Philadelphia, you’re never too far from the excitement.

Dance till The Early Hours

Philadelphia has a lively nightlife that is sure to keep you out with your friends until the final call. There’s no shortage of new and exotic places to dance the night away.

If you need something with some more rhyme than one of Philadelphia’s Jazz clubs, you should take in an evening at one of Philadelphia’s premier night clubs. Voyeur Nightclub will keep you out until the late hours with a huge assortment of nightly shows, activities, and events.

Why this is a must? This club has everything from drag shows to live DJs and is open late.

To sum up, Philadelphia is a must-visit city and has everything you imagine within reach. Be sure to make Bucks one of your stops while in the city.

Image Credit: Shutterstock | Mihai_Andritoiu