A little time and a little money is all you need to have a great time in Dallas and Fort Worth this summer. The following are seven of our top picks for a Texas-sized break from a routine life, before you head to Bucks Cabaret in Dallas or Fort Worth to end your day in style.

Play a Round at The Golf Club of Dallas

You can tee up and play 18 spectacular holes at this fabulous course. Best of all, you can lie about your score all night at the gentlemen’s club and the ladies won’t bat an eyelash.

Take a Hike

The Cedar Hill Nature Reserve is just 20 minutes from Dallas. It’s a great place to rest and take in the Texas scenery.

Take a Shot at Marksmanship

The Dallas/Fort Worth Gun Range is a great place to hone your skills and learn some new ones. Its offers rentals and a number of training classes you can use to improve your marksmanship.

Learn to Fly (Well, Fall Gracefully)

If you’ve always wanted to try skydiving, the Texas Skydiving Companywill take you up and show you how it’s done for just $159.

Feel the Need for Speed

Before the ‘‘Top Gun’’ sequel comes out, get your rush behind the wheel of a genuine race car at the Mario Andretti Racing Experience.

Take to the Trail

Mosey on over to Widowmaker Trail Rides and see how the cowboys got from Point A to Point B before autos and airplanes took over.

Take a Load Off Your Feet at Bucks Cabaret

Stop into Bucks at the end of the day and take a break with our fantastic menu and stunning service. Our party packages are the perfect pairing for a business trip, “guy’s weekend” or bachelor party. Bucks Cabaret is the perfect place to enjoy and embrace the Texas heat to its fullest.

Image: Wand_Prapan/Getty Images