Music is a universal language that everyone understands. It can be sad, dramatic, playful, energetic, and relaxing. It truly is the backdrop to so many of life’s moments.

Music is also sexy! Can you imagine a nightclub with no music? Ridiculous.

But not all music lends itself to seduction and sexy dancing. You need the right tunes for that. Some songs just scream sex appeal. Certain songs elicit a seductive vibe through lyrics, beat, and vibe. These songs are often classics at the club, and you’ll hear them again and again.

Buck’s Clubs knows its stuff when it comes to sexy vibes that maximize the moment. For a reason, the following songs are some of the most requested and danced-to songs at the club. Give one or two of them a whirl at your next club visit.

Classic Rock – “Slow Ride” by Foghat

Rock classics like “Slow Ride” never go out of style. With that sexy guitar riff and the fantastic build-up, this song is a hit at clubs across the country even all these years later. It makes for a flirty, fun, seductive, and energetic dance that is easy to move to and fun for everyone.

Sexy 80s Style – “Kiss” by Prince

The quintessential 80s funk hit has been played at parties, dance clubs, and even weddings! “Kiss” has an amazing groove you can lose yourself to, and it’s a song that is both sexy, sweet, and fun. There is something undeniably seductive about this song, which lends itself to a lap dance quite well.

Those Who Love A Texas Style Rock & Roll Moment – “You Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC

If there is one song that will get everyone in a club rocking out in unison, this is it. This song has a way of making you feel like a rock star. It’s carefree, powerful, and just feels good. If you have a rockstar/groupie fantasy, request this one during your next club visit!

90s Freak – “Freak Like Me” by Adina Howard

The 90s dished out so many sexy R&B hits that you could easily spend all night grooving and grinding to them. One stand-out you will hear in the club is Adina Howard’s “Freak Like Me.” This has a slow, relaxed groove and seductive lyrics. The beat and rhythm lend themselves to slower movements for an ultra-sexy lap dance that will make you sweat.

Dark & Sexy – “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails

Looking for something edgy, modern and dark – yet undeniably sexy? “Closer” fits the bill. Nine Inch Nails may not be as mainstream as some of the other artists featured on this list, and it’s not for everyone, but if you are looking for the right alternative tune that brings out that gritty, dark, sexy side, this is the one. Dancers and customers often request it because of its sultry, pulsing beat and provocative lyrics.

Pop & Drop It – Naughty Girl – Beyonce

Sexy, contagious, fun, flirty, and classic. Beyonce hit a home run with this seductive tune. Dancers love dancing to this song because it’s got everything: A danceable beat, amazing vocals, teasing, inviting lyrics that make you feel sexy and confident. You will absolutely be treated to an amazing lap dance with this song.

We Know the Best Music To Give You The Best Adult Lap Dances

At Buck’s Club, we know sexy, and so do our entertainers. Music is the backdrop that sets the mood and the pace and keeps the party going all night long. Our DJs are pros at playing songs that unleash maximum sexiness and let the girls’ personalities really shine through. If you are looking for a lap dance that gets that heart rate up, request one of the above songs, sit back, and (try to) relax.


Image source: Viktoriia Makarova via Shutterstock