When you go to a Dallas strip club, you’re probably not thinking about the tunes on the drive over. After all, the girls are the main attraction, and even if you plan on having some food and drinks, the lovely ladies always steal the show.

The music strippers pick for their performances isn’t random though, and there’s no guy putting a quarter in the jukebox hoping his song will come on when his favorite girl does. The fact is that most dancers have a playlist of songs they know, love and feel like they can put on a sexy show with.

There does seem to be some overlap though, almost like some songs were written for the strip club. Keep reading to learn more about the best songs for strippers and why they’re so popular.

I’m a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears

If you’ve ever been to a strip club and stayed for more than an hour, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a performance to this song. Post up at the bar for the night and you might even hear it twice.

While it may not be that old, this is a modern classic for girls shaking what their mama gave them. Why? Because it’s got a groove, a slightly exotic feel and it’s relatively short.

The sultry lyrics don’t hurt one bit either.

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea Feat. Rita Ora

With the use of the term ‘black widow’ running throughout, this is the perfect modern bad girl song with a big beat. It’s also a song that most people are going to know – at least guys under the age of 40.

For dancers, choosing new, popular songs is often a way to breathe new life into their routine. Plus, you have to remember that dancers get excited about songs they hear and love too. Expect this to be a strip club classic in 10 years though.

Hot in Here by Nelly

Anybody looking at a list of the best songs for strippers must have realized that Hot in Here by Nelly was going to be found somewhere. Perhaps the most commonly played song in strip clubs for the last 10 years, this one seems like it was written with the strip club in mind.

An incredibly dance worthy beat, an energetic rapper and a few choice lines make this a strip club jam for the ages. If you go to a gentleman’s club for a night out and don’t hear this song from Nelly you might think about asking for your money back!

Pony by Ginuwine

A stripper’s song for the ages, Pony by Ginuwine is a go-to for most girls. Killer grooves and downright dirty lyrics make this a big hit for dancers and club-goers alike.

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