Among Dallas gentlemen’s clubs, some are noted for being distinctly unfriendly toward female patrons. This is not true at Bucks Cabaret, of course, but we understand any woman’s hesitation to join us for a good time, either at Bucks in Dallas or our location in Fort Worth.

So, how can a guy get his gal to go to a gentlemen’s club for date night? Should he? Is it a dangerous risk or the road to romance?


You know your lady better than anyone else (you better!). If you know she feels confident, fresh and fierce about herself, a gentlemen’s club will not be a challenge to her. She will not feel like you are comparing her to the beautiful Bucks Cabaret dancers. 

If, though, she has any confidence issues or body image problems, you may want to visit Bucks Cabaret for a short lunch, then come back another time for a longer dinner date. Your lady can get accustomed to the atmosphere and feel more confident.

Break the Routine

If you and your girlfriend, or your wife, have been together for a while, going to Bucks Cabaret together can bring a little zing back into your fling.

Men are mainly visual animals, so an evening watching the lovely ladies at Bucks can rev you up. For your girlfriend, she can pick up a few pointers by watching the dancers tease and titillate. 

Green Eyed Monster

Obviously, you have to be very aware of your girlfriend’s frame of mind. Avoid taking her to a gentlemen’s club after a fight. You have to be clear about what you hope to get out of the evening. Jealousy, body-shaming or having dancers get too close for your girlfriend’s comfort can be major no-no’s. 

In Control

Make sure your girlfriend, wife or partner knows she is in control of the evening. When she wants to leave, you leave. No argument, no pleading, just leave. You may think the evening was a bust, but she may be leaving because she wants to try out a few moves she learned from the professionals at Bucks Cabaret! 

Bucks Cabaret

When you and your special lady are ready to try a date night at a gentlemen’s club, come to Bucks Cabaret either in Dallas or Fort Worth. We know you will both have a great time at Bucks, the best gentlemen’s club for couples.