Rihanna reportedly spent some $15,000 in one night at a gentlemen’s club in Houston. Celebrities can afford to throw around thousands of dollars when they visit gentlemen’s clubs, while most of us cannot.

Try these five money-saving ways to really enjoy your visit to Bucks without breaking the bank.

Cash Only

Leave your debit card and credit cards at home or locked in your car trunk. Work off the cash in your wallet, so you are not tempted to order another five bottles of Patron and slap it on the plastic.

Daily Specials

Pay attention to the daily food and drink specials. Why spend twice as much on drinks when you can tap into great bargains like U Call Its for only $2.25? Most days and nights, Bucks — either our Fort Worth gentlemen’s club or our elegant gentlemen’s club in Dallas — features $1.50 beers ($2.50 for imported brands), so you can save your cash for the main attraction, the beautiful entertainers.


Everybody’s working for the weekend, right? Visit Bucks during the off-hours and off-days, when our beautiful dancers are a little less busy. You get more attention from waitresses and dancers, you can linger over your drink from the drink specials menu a little longer, and you can see a lot more action when your view is not blocked by a hundred other guys.

Wise Words

How you ask for special attention matters, too. If you want a private dance, you might want to try asking, “Ten bucks will cover a private dance, right?” rather than “How much is a private dance with you?” Think about your own job: If somebody says, “What will you charge?” you get to make up a number. Our dancers are no dummies.

Tip Well

This may not sound like a money saver, but it is. If you begin your evening by generously tipping the DJ, your waitress and your favorite exotic dancer, you will get more attention (a longer song during a private dance, for example, or faster drink service), and you will be remembered favorably. This strategy stretches your entertainment dollars better than any other method.

To practice your money-saving tips, come to Bucks in Fort Worth or Dallas. Our friendly staff is ready to greet you, meet you and please you. And we are OK with you leaving the cards at home and cash on the table.