You put in the hours, and the bosses took notice of your efforts. You have earned the right to take your nose off the grindstone for a little bit and rest on your laurels as you savor the victory of a hard-won promotion. As you think of all the things to do around Dallas to celebrate, be sure you think of these fantastic ways to celebrate your new superhero status.

Give Yourself a Makeover

Start with a tailored suit from Harper & Jones or Harry’s Tailor Shop then head over to Rob’s Chop Shop for a new haircut. After all, you need a new look befitting your new position. You will look and feel great when you’re done.

Take the Team to Dinner

Fearings, The Meddlesome Moth, and Gemma are some of the hottest restaurants to enjoy happy hour in Dallas. You can grab drinks, enjoy a bite and discuss what your plans are in your new position. Of all the things to do in downtown Dallas, few beat dinner, and drinks with the people you work with every day of the week.

Hit the Tee

Take some time to practice your swing over at Cedar Crest or Stevens Park. Both are excellent golf courses in Dallas that are not far from the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex where you can tee up and tell as many stories about your score as you want. The greens are long, the weather is fantastic this time of year, and each of these courses provides a perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and relax before you have to suit up and head back into the office.

Take a Load Off Your Mind at Bucks

It has been a long, hard climb to the top of the ladder and you have earned a night off to relax and unwind. Of all the adult clubs in Dallas, none have a better happy hour or the fantastic packages we offer for having fun. You can sign-up for our Bronze Party Package that gives six to eight of your closest friends reserved seating, a round of shots/beers and bottle service. It’s a great start to an unforgettable evening that everyone is sure to enjoy.

From happy hour in Dallas to happy hour in Fort Worth, Bucks Cabaret is ready to take care of your every need. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our fabulous food, drink and cigar menu and the fantastic party packages we offer to help you celebrate the successes and memorable milestones in your life.