Updated: December 8, 2023

Most guys think of the strip club as a safe haven where they can spend some time with their buddies without judgment. Maybe you even like going alone to just get away from the responsibilities of daily life once in a while.

If you’ve got a girlfriend though, especially an adventurous one, the thought of taking her with you to your favorite club has probably crossed your mind. While it might seem like a dangerous idea, it can work out if you play your cards right.

Use this guide to learn the dos and don’ts of going to a strip club with your girlfriend.

Don’t Suggest the Strip Club

Lists rarely start with a don’t, but when it comes to strip clubs and significant others, this one needs to be here. Even if you have an adventurous girlfriend, you need to wait for her to mention visiting with you, at least in some capacity.

If you think your girl won’t care if you ask, go right ahead. But at the very least, wait until you’re trying to think of fun date ideas or you pass a club on the highway.

Bring it up out of the blue and you might be spending the night in the doghouse instead of in bed with your girlfriend.

Do Make it a Date

Men that have girlfriend willing to go to the strip club with them need to realize that they’re taking a lady. That means you might need to modify your behavior, since you aren’t visiting with Jeff, Dave or whoever it is normally rides shotgun.

Instead of randomly suggesting you both going to the club one night when you have nothing to do, plan an exciting night out and make it a fun date. Schedule it for a weekend night so your girlfriend has a chance to dress up. You might even think about putting some effort in yourself.

Making a trip to the club a romantic date, even if it’s off the beaten path a bit.

Don’t Get Drunk

You can have a drink or two with your lady on date night if that’s something you both enjoy. What you don’t want to do is go from romantic couple that’s relaxed from a cocktail to the couple that’s arguing in the parking lot because you were staring at one girl more than all the rest.

It can be a delicate balance between having fun at the club and paying attention to your girlfriend, so make sure alcohol doesn’t make the situation worse. Have a drink, but remain sober, just in case.

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Image: VlaDee/Getty Images