Bucks Cabaret has plenty of seasonal jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth where you can work as a cocktail hostess and enjoy the rewards of some of the best-paying holiday jobs in the area. If you like people and enjoy having fun while you work, we promise to give you every opportunity to earn some extra holiday cash that you can use for anything from bills and gifts to vacations and adventures.

Seasonal Jobs in Dallas

The holiday season heats up in Dallas and Fort Worth as family members and friends file into the region from around the country. This makes it a great time for people looking to pick up a few extra shifts. In fact, there is no limit on the amount of extra cash our hostesses can earn, and quite a few end up giving themselves a welcome cushion of cash to close out old debts and start the new year fresh and flush. It is one of the best jobs for college students and those who have some extra time on their hands that they want to fill up by earning some extra income.

Taking a seasonal job can lead to new careers, new friendships and new possibilities. It is an easy way to test out a potential career, to learn new skills or to hone skills that have gone stale. It is also an opportunity to take time that is otherwise unused and turn it into a gold mine that can be saved for a rainy day, spent on extra gifts or used to cover expenses that are just over the horizon.

Hostesses Job Description

A cocktail hostess is more than just a glorified waitress. Sure, the hostess takes drink orders, collects payments and clears tables. At Bucks, however, the cocktail hostess is responsible for facilitating a fantastic evening for our guests.

This means helping to keep the conversation going, anticipating client needs and taking care of any special requests that guests may have. This makes it the perfect job in Dallas for the people person with solid organizational skills and a pleasant personality, and for anyone who likes to be at the heart of the action throughout the evening.

We encourage you to apply to become a member of the Bucks team. Our seasonal jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth are fantastic opportunities that can turn into regular income for the right candidate.