Have you ever wondered how much do entertainers make or what a stripper’s salary is? Most likely, you have heard conflicting reports and wondered what the truth is. Do some entertainers really pull in over a thousand dollars a night? Or is it more like two or three hundred? How can a stripper make those big bucks?

And finally, you may have wondered if stripping is for you. This post breaks down some stripper facts, some money talk, and some tips for those who are considering a job as an exotic dancer.

Statistical Facts About Entertainers

One-in-three entertainers really *are* putting themselves through college

How much does a stripper make in a year? Is it enough to put you through college? Well, turns out that one in three entertainers really are putting themselves through college. Many entertainers use their dancing income to support themselves and help pay for their college education. School is expensive! Stripping offers a way for students to pay their bills and tuition and have a little fun in the process. School can be grueling; for some, a night of music, dancing, and socializing is a welcome change. Yes, it’s still hard work, but it can be fun, too.

There are swings in earning potential

So, can a stripper really make a thousand dollars a night? The answer is yes, and there is potential to earn a lot more. With that said, income varies, and some entertainers take home two hundred in a night, whereas others regularly bring home several hundred and up to over a thousand in a good night. Some entertainers can command three thousand or more.

What determines your income as a stripper? There are so many variables, including the state and city you work in, the club itself, the type of clientele frequenting the club, and of course, you.

Your personality, confidence, attitude, and willingness to hustle are major factors. Your physical appearance plays a part, but your personality and willingness to work hard are just as big of a factor.

Eight out of nine entertainers would recommend stripping to a friend

Every job and profession has its horror stories, and stripping is no different. However, eight out of nine entertainers polled claimed they would recommend stripping to a friend. Why? Because it’s a good way to make money in a social setting where you can dance, be outgoing, have fun, and

Things You Should Know

If you are thinking about going to work for a club in the hopes of making good money, there are some things you should know. There is tremendous earning potential and several ways to improve that potential. If you are willing to put in the work to make it happen, you can support yourself, put yourself through college, save money, and fund your dreams.

Maximizing Your Physical Appearance

When it comes to how much do entertainers make a night, it’s important to understand that maximizing your physical appearance can go a long way toward taking home as much money as possible.

This means investing in your appearance. Costumes, shoes, beauty treatments, and good hygiene do matter. It is also important to brand yourself. What does that mean? It means creating an image and projecting that image consistently. Some examples include Sophisticated, sweet and feminine, edgy, over-the-top, girl next store, etc.

Figure out what your brand is and dress and act appropriately. Put thought and care into your appearance to ensure you stand out from the rest.

Honing Your Craft

Honing your craft means practicing your routines, learning new skills, refining your approach, and learning to stand out in a good way. You can always find ways to improve, and that’s how you go from being a low or mid-level earner to a high-level earner.

Find work at well-known clubs

There are plenty of clubs to work at, but which one you choose matters. Choosing well-known and established clubs is a smart move. Clubs with a good reputation and are safe, clean, and well-managed are more pleasant to work for and attract better clientele. This makes a huge difference in your earning potential.

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