Men at gentlemen’s clubs fall into two categories: dudes and douches. A general rule of thumb when visiting a gentleman’s club like Bucks Cabaret, either at our Fort Worth location or in Dallas, is not to be a douche. Do not stiff the wait staff, for example. Wash your hands after using the bathroom. Respect other visitors. Give the performers their space.

Polite, friendly dudes can get loud without being obnoxious. Dignified dudes can order, spend, eat and never disturb either entertainers or other customers. What if, though, you want to get a stage dancer’s attention? How do you stay dignified while doing that?

Look and Act the Part

A nice, adult playground like Bucks Cabaret is not a locker room. Arrive groomed, showered, wearing deodorant (yup, we need to say that) and, preferably, with your teeth brushed. We know you plan to enjoy our food and drink specials, but if you want to have a conversation with one of our talented ladies, avoid bad breath.

Show respect for the ladies not only in your appearance, but in your words. Appreciation, yes; nasty language, no. They are real entertainers, not videos, so be kind, be polite and be enthusiastic.

Location, Location, Location

Settle into a seat at Bucks Cabaret near the stage and you can easily lose yourself in the magic. You have a role to play, though, sitting there. Where you sit matters, so if you are near the stage:

  • Tip each performer at least $1 per song;
  • Everyone at your table should be doing the same;
  • Interested in one performer? Offer to buy her a drink;
  • Not interested in a private dance? Turn her down politely.


Bucks Cabaret has an all-or-nunya business model. The talented performers are all business, and their private lives are nunya business. Do not try to get a dancer’s attention by asking for her real name and telephone number. Respect her professionalism. She respects your relationships with your friends and, possibly, your girlfriend or wife you brought along. Respect her relationship with her fellow dancers and the management.

We are not too sure how best to phrase this next gem of advice. One line of inquiry that is sure to fail is to ask our performers to have sex. That’s a no-go. That’s a douche move. Expect to get tossed out by our super-friendly exiting staff.