A lap dance is a unique way to amp up the sexual tension in your relationship and give your partner a treat. If that sounds intimidating, don’t worry. A perfect lap dance isn’t something anyone knows how to do automatically. Like anything worth doing, it’s a skill that you can learn.

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be playful and fun. If you have someone you enjoy sharing sensual experiences with, you can’t lose. But if you need help with how to begin, here’s what you need to know to get started. You can thank us later.

Steps To Work On

First of all, you’ll need to be familiar with the basic steps of a lap dance.

Have a Sexy Approach

One thing to decide before you begin is what you’ll be wearing. Do you want to do a strip tease along with the lap dance? Do you want to wear lingerie from the beginning and not worry about taking anything off? Or perhaps you just want to do the entire dance fully clothed.

All of these choices are just fine as long as you feel sexy, but they do affect your clothing choices. If you want to peel off clothes as you go, pick an outfit that you can get out of gracefully. Test out any lingerie you’ll be wearing to be sure you can move comfortably. And if you want to perform fully clothed, pick an outfit that makes you feel your sexy best.

When you’re prepared, it’s time to set the scene. Dim the lights or light candles to give the room a soft glow. Pick out your music and set it up to start at a touch. Then lead your partner to the chair, which should be sturdy, give you room to maneuver, and optimally have arms to brace yourself on.
Now hit “play” on the music and let the fun begin.

Show off Your Moves

When your partner is in place and taking in the scene, slowly walk around him in a circle. When you’re in front of him, he can enjoy the view, and as you move behind him, lightly brush his shoulders and neck with your fingertips, building anticipation for what’s coming next.

Once you’ve made a full circle and are facing him again, put your hand on his chest and slowly run it down his body to his thigh. You have his full attention now; move in and straddle his lap. Move your hips in circles and lean in so your breasts barely brush against him. You get to decide if he can touch you or not, so let him know the rules.

After just a few moments of this, stand up and turn around. Lower yourself until you are hovering just above his lap. There are four main movements you can focus on while you’re in this position. The first is a simple side-to-side sway of your hips. Dip your knees as you move to emphasize the movement.
Next, move your hips in a circle in time with the beat. Now you can amp it up with a pelvic thrust, followed by a gentle up-and-down bounce. Play around with motions that feel good to you.

As the song nears the end, turn around and straddle him again. Repeat those four moves, and tease him with your breasts.

Make a Graceful Exit

Once the song is over, you can decide how you want the dance to end. You can settle onto his lap and move into the next event you have planned for the evening. Or you can stand up, give him a moment of sexually charged eye contact, then turn and walk out of the room.

Whatever you do, be sure to own it. If you’re staying right where you are, enjoy the heightened sexual tension and go wherever that takes you. If you walk away, keep that tension high by strutting, knowing he’s enjoying the view and longing for more.


Don’t Forget to Be ready for the Lap Dance

Simply knowing the mechanics of how to do a lap dance isn’t enough. To make it special, you should also create an ambiance that will amp up the mood you’re going for. Set aside some time to prepare yourself and your partner before you start. After all, this isn’t just a lap dance; it’s an experience. Here are some tips to get you ready to go and finish strong.

Stay Confident – Make sure your Body and Mind are Ready

Before you start your dance, take a moment to prepare yourself. This includes giving your body a little loving attention. Take a luxurious bath or shower, then smooth a gorgeous, scented lotion over every inch of your skin. Take a little extra time with your hair and makeup so you feel your sexiest best.

This extra attention is as much for you as your partner. You should feel as sensual and confident as possible before you begin. Learning how to do a lap dance can be very empowering, and many women say it helps them embrace their sexual prowess. This experience should be fun and sexy for both of you, so lean into that feeling. Confidence is extremely alluring.

Prepare your Dance Partner

The anticipation can be nearly as exciting as the actual event, so don’t miss out on the slow burn of a teasing build-up. Tell him you have a treat for him, and let him wonder what’s up your sleeve. You can drop a few hints about what you have in store. When you’re ready to start, lead him to the chair, order him to sit, and turn away to start the music.

As the song begins, give him a sultry look over your shoulder, then move into place to begin. By this time, the sexual tension will be very high, and you’ll have his full attention. Now that he’s in the palm of your hand, you’re both ready to enjoy the lap dance.

Keep it Simple

You don’t have to give a professional performance to do a great lap dance. Stick with the basics and focus on the moves that are comfortable for you. Some very simple moves can become something special when the mood is right.

Remember: this is an exploration of your sexuality, and you’re sharing it with someone who is already interested in you. Just enjoy yourself and his reaction to your performance. This is supposed to be fun, after all.

Remember to Finish the Lap Dance Strong

This is much more about attitude than moves. As mentioned before, you can end a lap dance in multiple ways. How you decide to finish is up to you. But whether you settle onto his lap or turn and strut away, don’t let the attitude end with the song.

If you’re feeling self-conscious, it’s only natural to want reassurance as soon as you’re done. But keep in mind that lap dance is all about sexy confidence. You’re literally showing off for him, after all. Stay in that mindset to complete the performance, and you’ll leave a lasting impression.

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