Updated: August 31st, 2023

Pole dancing is best enjoyed in the vibrant, sensual setting of Bucks Cabaret in Fort Worth or at our Dallas gentlemen’s club. To get yourself psyched up or just to relive some of the magic of a great evening at Bucks, you can find some amazingly mesmerizing pole dancing videos online.

The beauty and athleticism of some pole dancing performers is truly inspiring. We hope a quick tour of these pole dancing videos will help you appreciate the finesse, grace and style of our own lovely pole dancing strippers at Bucks Cabaret.

Maddie Sparkle

Australia is a lucky, lucky continent. Maddie Sparkle is not only a gorgeous performer when pole dancing, she also teaches the sport at the Pole Dance Academy in Sydney which she co-owns with her sister, Michelle Shimmy. Maddie is also is a spokesperson for RAD Polewear.

While her videos are everywhere, you can see some of her Academy moves here, in GIF form to either help you practice on your own pole or gain an appreciation for the pole dancers at Bucks Cabaret.

For many people, Maddie’s most mesmerizing performance was her second-place finish at the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2015 competition. Here, she combines the props of a Victorian couch, ample use of the floor (many pole dancers seem to ignore the floor), and two poles in a riveting, sexy performance that even includes a costume change. She gets some altitude and sweeps around the pole seductively, using her incredible strength to make it all look easy.


The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) is happy to point out the tremendous skill and training needed to create and perform a pole-dancing routine. Defying gravity and moving sensually, great pole dancers show complete muscle control and development in their abs, quads, and we will all agree, their glutes.

IPDFA’s website’s media page offers amazing performances by Jenyne-Butterfly, a one-armed competition-winning pole dancer, and even a guy.

Felix Cane

Many pole dancers are justly proud of their pure athletic abilities. Holding yourself stiff-armed parallel to the floor some 10 feet up a pole takes enormous core and arm strength. But Felix Cane not only has the muscle tone and power to perform on the pole, she brings a sexy immediacy to her work that few can match.

Check out her performance at the Nice and Naughty Cabaret in Queenstown recently. The only way to describe her moves around the pole is that she appears to be underwater, swimming effortlessly against gravity’s pull. Her body moves in undulations, her speed slow and arousing, while her long blonde hair cascades and flows like liquid gold.

Emma Haslam

Hey, let’s have no body-shaming either here or in Bucks Cabaret. Emma Haslam, a plus-size amateur, was brave enough to go on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 and pulled off a jaw-dropping, mesmerizing pole dance that reminds us that steamy moves come in all sizes.

Anastasia Sokolova

Possibly the world’s best pole dancer (she certainly thinks so), Anastasia Sokolova performs outdoors in a captivating video that shows off the full eroticism of pole dancing. If you wonder what Bucks Cabaret’s dancers would look like with their tawny skin sun-dappled and on a glistening beach, check out Anastasia.

Bucks Cabaret

This quick tour of pole dancers should give you a real appreciation for the talented strippers at Bucks Cabaret. In fact, our club also has a video to share that not only gives you a glimpse at some of our beautiful ladies, it also helps you remember our daily specials.

Image: chaoss/Getty Images