Beneath the bright lights of the Hollywood sign, you will find some of the hottest stars in history stripping down and turning up the heat in living rooms across the world. When it comes to the steamiest strip scenes ever to grace the silver screen, the following are nothing short of golden performances:

 Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls

Berkley brought plenty of panache to this tale of bright lights and a big city. Unfortunately, the weak script and lackluster supporting cast meant the bosom couldn’t save the movie.

Rose McGowan in Planet Terror

McGowan’s performance as Cherry Darling in this horrifying zombie flick is nothing short of magical. As the first scene in the movie, it sets the tone for the sultry screams that lay ahead.

Jennifer Beals in Flashdance

Stepping on stage with little more than a chair and a bucket of water, Beals became the sex icon for an entire generation after one special dance.

Salma Hayek in Dogma

The always-sexy Salma Hayek takes Jay and Silent Bob to school as she strips out of her skirt, shakes her pigtails and muses about the pleasures of being beautiful.

Kim Bassinger in 9 1/2 Weeks

This blonde bombshell ignited the screen as she and Mickey Rourke got down to business. With the bright lights of the city providing the backdrop, Bassinger was all too happy to strip assets out of her portfolio and highlight her skillset.

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Dressed in little more than lace, Jamie Lee Curtis proved she was much more than just a simple housewife.

Demi Moore in Striptease

Stripping from the suit to the birthday suit, Moore showed audiences that she could melt the stage just as well as she can melt a man’s heart.

Natalie Portman in Closer

There is nothing hotter than getting a little one-on-one time with one of Hollywood’s queens. Settling in for a private show, Clive Owen gets the thrill of his life as Portman drops much more than just her guard as the two flirt the night away.

Salma Hayek in Dusk ’til Dawn

Hayek slayed it in a scene that still creates pandemonium. Forgoing colorful feathers for a real Boa, she delivered a killer performance that audiences are still dying to watch.

Jennifer Anniston from We’re the Millers

As the strip scene starts, Anniston is a typical suburban housewife but in a bad situation. She’s trapped with her family, and to protect them, she has to convince terrifying criminals that she’s actually a strip artist. It seems impossible, but soon, everything changes.

America’s sweetheart throws herself into the dance and peels off her inhibition along with her practical Capri pants. Before long, she’s using every inch of that grimy warehouse to show off her moves. From when she climbs the stairs to swinging back down, gripping chains, she owns the moment and the dance.

The transformation from buttoned-down mom to swinging, grinding, sexy dancer makes every move even hotter. Don’t miss her use of a decontamination shower. It is truly inspiring.

Jessica Alba from Sin City

Bruce Willis strides into a bar, looking for Nancy, a skinny, nerdy, bookworm 19-year-old who he thinks is in trouble. What he finds is Nancy (played by Alba), a gorgeous, shapely dancer, twirling a lasso on stage and swiveling to share a promising glimpse of what’s to come. He’s stunned by the change and can’t help staring as he realizes that he’s led the danger right to her.

He turns to leave, hoping to slip out before she sees him, but it’s too late. She recognizes him, and she launches herself from the stage and into his arms. As she wraps herself around him and kisses him, all eyes are still on her–both admiring and threatening.

Rock of Ages

Is one stunning Hollywood star not enough for you? ‘Rock of Ages’ has a spectacle for you, with a stage full of dancers, including Constantine Maroulis and Julianne Hough. The dancers spin around poles in unison, breaking out into solo dances in turn.

To accompany this choreographed chaos, Mary J. Blige sings Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” for a high-energy dose of sexy power. Blige describes what each dancer likes and promises they’ll deliver it, well, any way you want it. Each beat is accompanied by a swing or thrust for a strip scene that’s almost too much to take in. You’ll want to give this one a few viewings to be sure you won’t miss a thing.

Jessica Biel in Powder Blue

It’s obvious that this movie strip scene is a bit more tame than the others, but that’s a big part of its appeal. Corey Mason (Tyler) decides to seduce Rex Manning, an older man and pop icon. She’s young but sure of herself, and she simply walks into his office and offers herself to him.

To prove that she’s serious, she peels out of her sweater and plaid skirt, and she’s left standing there in a scarlet bra and pure white panties, a look that perfectly combines her sweet/sexy vibe. There’s nothing polished or professional about this moment, which makes it all the more fresh and enticing.

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Image: simpson33/Getty Images