Cabaret Parties

Rain makes some folks sad and soggy. Some folks ignore the rain and just naturally see bright skies ahead. Consider Lil Wayne. Back in 2010, Mr. “Make it Rain” made arrangements ahead of time to celebrate his release from prison by ordering really, really expensive champagne ready to enjoy at a gentlemen’s club. Do not be like Lil Wayne (avoid getting arrested on gun charges). But be like Lil Wayne by holding a major blowout at either location of Bucks Cabaret in Dallas or Fort Worth. 

Drinks All Around

OK, you are not as rich as Lil Wayne. You cannot afford one $700 bottle of champagne, much less four dozen. But you can tap into great party packages, discounts and drink specials at Bucks Cabaret. And you can save for your “rainy” day. Try this strategy: 

Figure out the future date for your cabaret celebration. Count back 12 weeks. Save the cost of one round of bottle service each week. You will hardly feel that from your weekly budget, but come party night, you can order and order “Forever” (take that, Lil Wayne). 

Make it Rain

At upscale gentlemen’s clubs that attract talent like Akon, Floyd Mayweather or Lil Jon, the tips can get astonishingly big. How can you compete during your birthday party

The talented dancers at Bucks Cabaret are not expecting to see a steady drizzle of $100 bills, so you are perfectly fine to take your $1 bills in a nice stack and slowly (make them last) slip them off the pile to show your appreciation for a dancer’s talents. Give her the space she needs to perform, too, and show respect. 

Pro Tip: Slip a $5 or a $10 into the mix, and once you have tossed your wad (into the air), back away so others can be generous, too. 


Having a bachelor party at Bucks? Make yourself known, both to the talent on stage and to everyone you know, because you are having the time of your life. Friend Bucks Cabaret on Facebook, post pictures to Twitter and let everyone know what you did for fun. It’s good enough for Rihanna; it is mighty fine for you! Bucks Cabaret on Facebook is also your inside track to deals and dancers in the days ahead. 

For engagement, bachelor or birthday parties, tap your inner celebrity and come down to Bucks Cabaret.