Strip Club Etiquette

An evening at a Dallas strip club can be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone in your group. That is, provided everyone follows some basic rules of etiquette while you enjoy the show.

Whether it is your first time to the club, or fiftieth, the following are some basic house rules you need to follow every time you visit a strip club.

No Sex

Strippers are dancers. They are not prostitutes. Propositioning a dancer to offer anything more than a private dance and some conversation is a surefire way to get ejected from Dallas strip clubs. Show your dancers the proper respect they deserve for providing you high-quality visual entertainment and fun and witty conversation.

Be Friendly… Don’t be a Jerk

Strippers at strip clubs in Dallas love to sit down and enjoy friendly conversations, but that doesn’t mean they want to discuss their life story, your heartaches, or anything that requires complex math equations. A visit to the strip club is supposed to be a lighthearted experience that is full of fun and social conversation. Save the counseling sessions for your therapist’s couch, and whatever you do, don’t preach about politics, religion, or how the dancer reminds you of the “one who got away.”

Stay Sober

While you will no doubt want to enjoy a drink during the evening, enjoying too many drinks can lead to bad judgment calls. Excessive alcohol can cause you to touch things that you should only look at. Staying sober helps you enjoy the evening, while drinking too much will cause you to forget the fantastic memories you made with your friends.

Don’t Be Cheap

The bread you spend puts bread on the table. Strippers are talented performers who work hard to entertain their guests. Sitting back and enjoying the show without opening your wallet spoils the fun for everyone at the party. Always be ready to tip for good service and a fabulous show. 15% is the bottom line you should adhere to, and the sky is limited only by your willingness to reward your dancer for bringing your fantasies to life. 

Contain Your Excitement

It is natural to get excited as you watch some of the most beautiful strippers in Texas perform on stage at a strip club. It is hard not to notice their inherent beauty and marvelous moves. Even so, don’t let yourself get carried away in the excitement. If you start to feel like you are going to explode, excuse yourself until things start to soften up.

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