Maybe you’re just passing through town, or maybe you’re a local who’s decided to do the lone wolf thing for a night. In either case, this town has no shortage of things to do. Comedy clubs, tap houses, and high-class restaurants are just a handful of the things you could find right here in Greenville. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to make up a little list. So if you’re here riding out a layover or taking a night off from a road trip, we’re going to show you just how we do it out here. And if you’re a Greenville native that thinks they might know everything the tourists don’t, then let’s test that theory.

Here now are our favorite things to do on a solo night out here in Greenville:

Have A Laugh

You can find a comedy club is most every American city these days, but not all cities are going to have the options you’ll find here in Greenville. For those of you who seek the full-on classic comedy club experience, there’s the Comedy Zone, which features comics you may have seen on such networks as Comedy Central.

But if you’re looking to get your laughs off the beaten path and avoid the two-drink minimums and dimly lit brick walls, then the Alchemy Comedy Theater is where you need to be. This alternative option features some great improv, stand-up and sketch talent that you’ll want to catch now before they make it big.

Grab A Drink

Finding a bar in Greenville is like finding sand in the desert. There’s no shortage of watering holes all over town, so we appreciate a place that tends to think outside the bar-box. That’s why we recommend the Community Taproom. Located a little outside Greenville, this place has a more laid back, clubhouse vibe that makes for a great low-key night. Or maybe the perfect place to start pre-gaming before a wild time in the city. Either way, you can’t go wrong here.

Catch A Show

If you’re looking to catch a live show that’ll make you think as well as keep you entertained, then the Warehouse Theater is just the ticket. This place features some of the greatest classics ever to hit the stage, as well as some new debuts that you sure won’t want to miss.

Do What You Know What You Really Want

If you’re looking for a wild night out in the great city of Greenville, there is only one true option. Here at Bucks Racks and Ribs, we feature the hottest live adult entertainment AND a kitchen that dishes out the best food Greenville has to offer. South Carolina’s hottest babes and most skilled cooks, working together to give you the ultimate night out. What more could you ask for?

Let us show you how we do it here in Greenville. Stop by Bucks Racks & Ribs tonight!

Image Credit: SheikoDim/Shutterstock