Whether you’re a gentlemen’s club regular or you just like to visit a great Fort Worth strip club like Bucks Cabaret from time to time, there aren’t many guys out there who haven’t imagined dating a stripper. Why wouldn’t you? After all, strippers tend to be beautiful, resourceful and interesting women with a lot of life experience. Oh, and they’re sexy, too!

Dating a stripper isn’t like picking up a bartender or flirting with a waitress though. Strippers get hit on 24/7, even when they’re not at work. If you’re serious about dating a stripper, you’ll have to do it with class.

Keep reading to learn more about how you could turn a beautiful dancer into a potential girlfriend – if you play your cards right.

Don’t Be a Creep

It should be obvious that when you want to chat up a woman, you shouldn’t come at her with some cheesy pick-up line, like telling her how much you like her ample assets. Instead, compliment something she won’t hear about every night at the club.

There are a million things you can talk about with a beautiful woman other than her body, sex or whatever the fantasies you’ve got going on in your head. Ask her about her favorite movie. Does she follow any sports teams? What does she do as a hobby?

A good question to ask yourself about your conversation topics is: would you say that to a woman you met at a bar or party?

Be a Real Human Being

You’d be amazed at how many guys come into an adult club and chat up strippers while acting like they’re God’s gift to women. Chances are you’re not, and when you’re dealing with a beautiful woman, you might not even be the best-looking or most-charming guy she’s met within the last half hour.

The real truth behind how to date a stripper is that you need to make a real, human connection. Even if she does think you’re good looking, you better have something to offer in the personality department.

Tell a great joke, talk about your dog, travel plans – whatever. Just act like a real human being and think with the right head.

Don’t Ask Stupid Questions

She gets asked about her tattoos, her outfits, her hair and her job constantly. If you want to stand out, ask about something else – almost anything else.

You’ll be about 1,000% more likely to get her phone number if you don’t talk to her like every other guy does at a Dallas cabaret.

Show Off Your Skills

If you do manage to secure a phone number, you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd of 1,000 suitors that would happily spend some time with her. To do that, you need to show off your skills.

Once you get a date, take her to an incredible restaurant that nobody knows about. If you know how to sail, that could be an amazing second date. Special skills like the ability to cook dinner and choose the right wine are equally important.

Show her what you’re good at and why you might be a better candidate for a real relationship than the other guys (or girls) who want to spend time with her.

Bucks Cabaret

Visit Bucks Cabaret for a great night out. You may or may not end up with a new girlfriend, but you’ll have a blast with your buddies no matter what. From a night on the town to a planned event, Bucks Cabaret should be your go-to adult club in Dallas and Fort Worth.