The playoff season for professional hockey begins in April and will last into June. In that time, you can watch a lot of hockey, and see a lot more action, at Bucks Cabaret, either in Dallas or Fort Worth.

Have an Ice Day

You would have to be as dumb as a hockey puck to pass up an atmosphere like this: beautiful dancers, a fun and exciting gentlemen’s club, drink specials and all the action on the ice every day and night.

Think of your choice. You can sit at home on the couch and watch your favorite teams, nursing a six-pack and bemoaning your absent-from-the-playoffs local team. Sad.

Or you can come down to the fun and frolics happening at Bucks Cabaret. Enjoy attentive, beautiful waitresses and great food specials. Enjoy dancers who may have trouble telling the difference between a post and a pole, but know a lot about hip checking.

The action is definitely hot onstage, but the beers are ice-cold and just $1.50 for domestics every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (imports are only $2.50).

No More Mr. Ice Guy

Suppose you want something a bit more upscale than a beer while you cheer. Try Bucks Cabaret’s bottle service. Quality brands delivered conveniently to your table by a smiling, friendly waitress with so much to offer. Premium bottles are affordable and help you enjoy all the action.

Once you and everyone around you is having a good time, you can try out all your hockey jokes, like “What’s Sidney Crosby’s favorite drink? Penal-tea.” With enough distractions from the Bucks Cabaret entertainers, that will go over very big. Trust us.

Into the Back of the Net

We are a classy place at Bucks Cabaret and we know you’ll have a great time watching hockey with us. You can watch all the ice action and the stage action at the same time at Bucks (it rhymes with pucks!) Cabaret, where the ice is cold but the ladies are hot.

You can score a great time every time you make it your goal to watch every hockey game at Bucks.

Image: yuran-78/Getty Images