You’re looking for a place to catch the big fight, and all of a sudden it hits you like a sidekick to the midsection.

Why not go where the action is?

At Bucks Wild, we’re the ultimate location for all your fight night fun here in the Big D. Why go to the same old crowded sports bar to see your favorite boxing and MMA events? The only thing better than watching two warriors go toe-to-toe is having some of the hottest babes in Dallas watch it with you, all while you’re enjoying some Texas cuisine that no other live adult entertainment venue could offer.

We have the good times on lock like a triangle choke hold here at Bucks Wild. With our killer array of state-of-the-art televisions and access to every sports channel that could exist, every pulse-pounding second of action in that octagon will be right there before your eyes in stunning detail. And our live entertainment? That’ll be in the even more stunning detail. With so much action on both the screens and the stages, you might wish you had a second set of eyes.

So let’s break it down and review. Why is Bucks the only true option for a fight-night to remember?


If it airs, it plays here at Bucks Wild. From FS1 to Fight Pass to PPV, there’s no match we miss. And with our wall-to-wall flat screens, you’ll see every hit from every angle. Whether it’s lightning quick lightweight bouts or hard-fisted heavyweight brawls, we’re the place to see fights at any pace!


When the hottest women in Texas decide to lace up their boots and hit a real stage, they know where to go. Bucks Wild is proud to say that we feature a quality of entertainment that you can’t find at any other Dallas gentlemen’s club, and our regulars know that fact very well. That’s just one of the many reasons they’ve been loyal to us for years. And after one visit, you’ll see exactly what we mean.


Since MMA and boxing events typically take place on the weekends, that makes Bucks Wild even more of a must-go destination for your fight night fix. Saturday nights mean happy hour specials long into the night as if you’d need any more reasons to be happy here. And Sundays? Well, how does $2.50 for imports and $1.50 for domestics sound? Actually, forget how they sound. How do you think they’ll look when one of our perfect tens delivers it right to your table?


Most live adult entertainment venues will cut corners in the kitchen because they think the girls are the main draw and the food is just a second thought. Not here at Bucks. We take pride in what we serve up, and we think it’s only right that our menu lives up to the same standard we try to meet in every other aspect of our gentlemen’s club. From our appetizers that are perfect for splitting up among your crew, to our high-class steaks that will have your mouth watering, to our top-of-the-line salads that’ll keep you filled up on something a bit more light, our kitchen has something for you.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another fight night in your buddy’s cramped mancave or at a crusty old sports bar that has two TV’s and one apathetic bartender who’s waiting to punch out. Head to Bucks Wild in Houston and see why when it comes to action in the octagon or the ring, we’re always a knockout!

Image: Parilov/Shutterstock