Updated: March 11, 2024

Going to an adult club can make a great night with your buddies or your significant other. Spending some time in a classy club isn’t like going to the movies or a burger joint down the street though.

While you can definitely have a lot more fun, there are some expectations any club worth going to puts on its visitors. One of those is the dress code. Guys, we’re mostly looking at you, but women should dress right for the club too.

Use this guide to stop dressing like a kid and show up to the club looking like a presentable adult.


Guys, Bucks Cabaret has a dress code. Now we don’t need you dressed in a tuxedo with tails, but you can’t just come over from that pickup game you played, even if you didn’t break a sweat.

Stay Classy

Those thin sweatpants you wear to show off your assets to the girls – this isn’t that kind of place, so leave those at home.

If it’s revealing, leave it at home. You want to wear off a tight designer shirt to show off your pecs? We’re okay with that. Just use some common sense when it comes to looking good.

If you love baseball caps and baggy jeans, you don’t need to wear them around the clock, do you? When you’re getting ready to come to the adult club, take the time to dress up like a real man.

Put on a pair of designer jeans or slacks that you love. Pair that with a shirt that’s got a collar and some buttons on it like a real guy. Try a jacket or sweater, and maybe even a suit if you want to show off.

Wear Some Deodorant

It’s sad to say, but some guys come to an adult club like they’re going into the men’s locker room at the gym. Sure, the place might be a boy’s club some nights, and a great place to go with the boys, but that doesn’t mean you need to stink, does it?

Take a shower, put on some deodorant, and think about a little tasteful cologne. How would you get ready for a date with a good-looking girl in your life?

Follow that same routine and you’ll look respectable in any adult club in the world. The ladies dancing, the girls behind the bar and even the doorman will give you the nod of approval.

What to Wear to a Strip Club (For Ladies)

Ladies, let’s be honest – the average adult club can be a lot of fun, but there’s a ton of guys around. Sure, security has your back, but there’s more to what you wear than just what the patrons are going to do.

Your best bet when coming to the club is to wear a pair of jeans or pants. Go for a hot, stylish pair if you want, but don’t show up in that cocktail dress that competes with the dancewear.

You’ll have plenty of occasions to wear that, but the adult club just isn’t the place. Let the girls at work get the attention so you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

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