Is it just us, or do Mondays seem to get an unfair rap? Sure, for most of use, they’re the first day back to work after a nice, relaxing weekend. But it’s all about attitude, man. With a little change in perspective and a positive mindset, you can start to view Mondays as one of the better days of the week, if not the best. So get over those Monday blues. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and envision a perfect Monday night. What do you see?

The answer, of course, is gorgeous babes, the Monday night game on a killer array of flat screens, and some amazing cocktails served by attentive bar staff. All your bases, all your needs, right there in one place.
Now open your eyes. Grab your car keys. And head to Bucks Wild.


Here at Bucks Wild, we have everything you need for the ultimate night out, no matter what night of the week it may be. As the premier live adult entertainment venue in all of Texas, we know what you want, and we have it all, right behind our doors. Come watch the game with us on one of our many televisions, spread wall to wall around our club. The trouble is, you may be too distracted to watch the guys on the field once our girls hit the stage. We employ some of the hottest women ever to work a pole, and since all the gorgeous cheerleaders in town know where the real action is, we’re always adding to our roster.

Plus, with our events held night after night, any night of the week is a can’t miss. Just have a look at our calendar and see for yourself. Notice all those Mondays? Monday Night Football and $9.99 prime rib. Still, think Mondays are the worst? We didn’t think so. And if prime rib isn’t your style, just have a look at our incredible menu selection. Classic American dishes and some new takes on some old favorites. Any way you look at it, our kitchen scores a touchdown every time.


This time of year may be cold, but the football season really heats up. Each Monday night is guaranteed to feature more and more pulse-pounding plays than you could throw a football at. The road to the playoffs is paved with unbelievable action, and we got every game there is right here in crystal clear high definition.

You think being at the game live is the way to see it? That’s cute. You do that. We’ll be over here with the smokin’ hot ladies and the stiff drinks. Enjoy your nachos. And by the way, you might want to head to the parking lot a little early so you can beat the crowd. By the way, how’d you like those cheerleaders? Or could you even see them from those seats? Cause we got some cheerleaders over here, my friend. And you can see all of them, right up close and very, very personal.

SEE IT ALL AT Bucks Wild

So what are you and your crew waiting for? The ultimate Monday night out is right here at Bucks Wild. And with three locations, excellent live adult entertainment is just a short drive away. We’re practically talking one yard to go on the second down.

If you’re going to have a real Monday night out with the guys, you better go deep. And that’s exactly what we do here at Bucks Wild, every night of the week, no exceptions. Don’t waste another Monday night in your friend’s mancave or some ridiculous sports bar. Take your game to Bucks. It’s a win-win.

Image: nomadsoul1/Getty Images