You have worked hard to get where you are in college. As another semester looms on the horizon, there is no time like the present to have some fun at a Dallas gentlemen’s club before your schedule fills up again with lectures and exams. As you head back to school, our dancers, bartenders and wait staff are ready to give you a back-to-school welcome you won’t soon forget.

Party at Bucks

Why frequent the same ol’, same ol’ boring college bars where the conversation about sports and school events tends to run dry and dull before the first beer is poured? When you take the party to a Dallas gentlemen’s club, you can bet your book money that the evening will be anything but dull.

The best part is that, unlike the local bar, you can rest assured that every dancer you will meet in our adult entertainment club will be a solid “10.” Better still is that when you work up the courage to ask one of our incredibly talented performers for a dance, chances are better than even that she will give you a “yes” with a Texas drawl that could melt steel.

At Bucks Cabaret, our smarty pants schoolgirls and our naughty professors can help tutor you on the finer points of your studies. Whether you are an “A” student or adhere to the mantra that “C” makes it to commencement, our dancers promise to give everything they do the ol’ college try. From the moment our spectacular stunners step on stage to the moment they take a bow, you and your friends will enjoy a show unlike anything you have will experience on campus.

Great Food and Drinks

Chances are you will work up quite an appetite while you are here. We have plenty of fabulously priced food for you to feast on and plenty of drinks to help wash everything down. Whatever your pleasure, we serve everything with a wink, a smile and far more style than any other club in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Bucks Cabaret is ready to host your back-to-college celebration and we encourage you to contact our gentlemen’s club in Dallas at (469) 434-3575 to get the ball rolling. We have fabulous party packages for you to choose from and can make your college celebration a legendary evening that will be the envy of everyone on campus.