The dancers at Bucks are more beautiful than a field of bluebonnets, but how do you tell them that without sounding like a durn fool? Learn a few of the best ways to talk to our exotic dancers and entertainers like a true Texas gentleman.

Don’t Say Purty

The professionals who swing and sway on stage at our gentlemen’s clubs in Fort Worth and Dallas are not “purty;” they are, however, “beau-tee-ful,” as in, “Ain’t you the most beau-tee-ful dancer I have ever seen.”

The gorgeous gals at Bucks really are beau-tee-ful and you can show your appreciation for all you see. A little appreciation of the folding green kind, after all, could help you to see even more — who knows?

Fixin’ To

Want to get a dancer’s attention and let her know she’s completely caught yours. Try “I’m fixin’ to talk you into a private dance, ‘cause you are a diamond in a rhinestone world, darlin’.”

That Bucks Cabaret DJ who’s willing to put on “Stairway to Heaven” before your private dance? Let him know how grateful you are: “You might could be the best dang DJ in Dallas, and I’d like to show you my appreciation.”

Dress For Success

Whether they arrive onstage in a sundress and cowboy boots or treat you to a glimpse of Daisy Dukes and a tank top, the picture-perfect performers will wrap themselves around the poles with enough show-stopping moves to stop your heart. The show is as much about anticipation as it is about gratification, so you should feel free to compliment the artistry along the way.

“Girl, you got me ready and rarin’ to go. You are just about the nicest lookin’ buckle bunny I have ever seen.”

“In a world full of Cokes, you are the Dr. Pepper in my life, girl.”

“Darlin’, in that corset and feathers, you are prettier than all git-out!”

Bigger’n Dallas

She’s the one. She may be sharing the stage with two other dancers, but she caught your eye right away. She stands out for you as if the only light in Bucks Cabaret was on her. Let her know: “Girl, you are bigger’n Dallas!”

Keeping it Real

While all of the above is all in good, Lone Star State-sized fun, you can really charm the dancers at the best gentlemen’s clubs in Texas – Bucks Cabaret – with your genuine Texas smile and generosity. That’s the best way to show them that you are having a good time, and you will win their attention, every time.

Image: robtek/Getty Images