We cannot all be celebrities. We can party like them, though, so when you are planning your engagement party, consider holding it at a superior gentlemen’s club in Dallas. Hold it at Bucks Cabaret. 


Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian celebrated their engagement at a gentlemen’s club in New York City — a week after announcing their engagement at a gentlemen’s club in Los Angeles.

Sure, celebrities can afford to let the Moët & Chandon champagne flow every night, but anyone wanting just one fun night can pay to party at a gentlemen’s club and treat the gang to great food and great bottle service. 

If you two are really in love, nothing will stop it. Show your pride in your partner and advertise your trust in each other. The ready-to-roll party atmosphere of a gentleman’s club means everyone is happy from the moment they walk in the door. 


For some folks, a gentlemen’s club in Fort Worth or Dallas could be the place to celebrate not getting engaged. Take a tip from Future, Ciara’s ex-fiance, who partied at a Dallas gentlemen’s club on the same day Ciara announced her engagement to Russell Wilson.

If he was all broken up about being broken up with Ciara, he did not show it. If you find yourself in the same circumstance and want to advertise to the world that you know you dodged a bullet, come down to our fine gentlemen’s club and party hardy.  

Eats and Treats

Be selective in the gentlemen’s club you choose for your engagement party. Check it out first to be certain it is female-friendly. Scope out the drink specials, and definitely eye the talent. On the night of the party, help your lucky lady to feel she is always the center of attention. 

Balance the drinks with great food to keep everyone feeling frisky and fine, not feuding. Guests should be revved up for a great night, not passed out from chugging drinks. An engagement party is not a bachelor party, and it is definitely a several steps up from a guy’s wild night out. 

You need look no further than Bucks Cabaret, at either our Dallas or Fort Worth locations, for a sophisticated, sexy and super engagement party.

Image: ASIFE/Getty Images