Years of intense study have paid off – you’re graduating from college and want a place to celebrate. Consider holding your adults-only graduation party at either of our gentlemen’s clubs, Bucks Cabaret in Fort Worth or Bucks Cabaret in Dallas, for seven rational reasons. 


The entertainers at Bucks Cabaret know how to make everybody feel happy, welcome and excited. Add to that the thrill of knowing your college days, with all the hours of study and exams, are behind you. You can build amazing memories when you hold your party at Bucks. 

Party Packages

Bucks Cabaret offers terrific party packages that make planning your graduation party easy. Let your family plan and pull off a family-friendly party, and then invite all your friends to Bucks Cabaret for a great send-off into the adult world of a career, service or further study. 

All Fun, No Work

Leave the setup and cleanup to the professionals at Bucks Cabaret. You just show up with five to seven of your closest college friends, have a great time, enjoy a private dance or two and head out when the fun is done! 

Picture Perfect

Think of the amazing photos you will take away from an evening surrounded by dazzling dancers, winsome waitresses and exotic entertainers. Your friends will have a great time during the party, and have the proof when someone says, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

Safe Setting

Bring the party to Bucks Cabaret and know you can party all night in safety and comfort. No need to worry about somebody busting in on your celebration or the neighbors complaining about the noise and beautiful women (who’s complaining?!?). 


Renting an entertainer to come to your private party at your apartment or house is OK for some folks. But imagine having not one but many exotic entertainers and beautiful dancers to keep the party going. The professional, talented women of Bucks Cabaret know how to make everyone feel good, have fun and unwind. 


Bucks Cabaret uses professional DJs, not your slightly tipsy friend, to keep the party hopping. No tiny, tinny iPhone speakers; no long, deadly gaps of sullen silence; no third playing of “Freebird.” The music and the entertainment go all night to make everyone feel all right. 

At either Bucks Cabaret location, Fort Worth or Dallas, you can arrange a graduation party that you and your college buddies will remember for a lifetime.