Strippers, while they may be seen as a sexual object to those watching, are more than just the embodiment of sex. Women who strip have the opportunity to not only express their own sexuality, but also grab hold of someone else’s sexual desires and fantasies, all without any physical contact.

Freedom of Expression

As a woman, being a stripper doesn’t mean that you are ready for sex anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t mean that you are all about sex 24/7, either.

For many women, being a stripper is like being a superhero: when you put on the costume and play the part, you become a person that no one knows, and you can wear that alter ego whenever you dance.

A woman that is normally shy and reserved can put that persona aside for a few hours and become a bold, outgoing, exciting person that she might never be able to be in her normal life.

Being the center of attention on the stage, with everyone watching, enjoying, applauding, and encouraging can give that normally shy, reserved woman the self-esteem boost she needs.

Maintaining Boundaries

In normal, everyday life, it’s not always appropriate (or even a good idea) for men to communicate their thoughts on the attractiveness of a woman, to the woman. But inside the gentlemen’s club, it is expected that men will find the dancers attractive, and let them know.

Women are not only allowed to feel good about the attention they are receiving, men do not have to feel like they must deny their natural thoughts when they see a beautiful woman. This allows anyone going into a gentlemen’s club – man or woman – the freedom to know it is OK to express these thoughts.

At the end of the night, when everyone goes home, “what happens at the club, stays at the club,” so to speak.

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