Once the summertime temperatures start climbing, it’s time for you and your crew to make sure that your hangout plans are just as hot – and that means skipping your usual hangout spots and kicking things up a notch. After all, there’s just something about summer that calls for next-level fun.

Don’t waste your summer days and nights at an overcrowded and overpriced bar, where you’ll have to throw out elbows just to get a room-temperature beer. All that’s waiting for you there are subpar drinks, lame music, and a crowd that’s probably anything but friendly. Instead, set yourselves up for a summer-worthy outing and head to the one spot that you know won’t disappoint: your local gentlemen’s club.

Not convinced that a great gentlemen’s club is the only hot spot you need this summer? Here are 7 reasons why there’s nowhere better than a gentlemen’s club for your summertime crew:

1. A gentlemen’s club is a perfect place to cool off and take a break from the summer sun.

Sure, hot summers are a great excuse for a day by the pool – but sometimes, you just want to enjoy some ice-cold air conditioning. When you and your friends go to the gentlemen’s club, you won’t have to worry about sweating it out in the blazing sun; though here at Bucks, we can’t promise our ladies won’t get your temperature climbing with a lap dance.

2. You can celebrate a special summer occasion with a gentlemen’s club party package.

Do you have a birthday coming up this summer? Or maybe you want to throw a blowout bash simply because it’s summer. You don’t have to have a rock star budget to party like a VIP, especially when you take advantage of the great deals you can get with a party package. Free cover and reserved seating are just some of the perks you can look forward to with a Bucks party package.

3. Money-saving club specials ensure you won’t go broke this summer.

If you’re sticking to a strict summer party budget, a gentlemen’s club is an ideal night out – especially with the always-rotating selection of gentlemen’s club specials at Bucks. Deals like $1.75 longneck beers and $2.75 import beers ensure that you can spend less on drinks and more on lap dances.

4. You can fill up on all your favorite all-American comfort foods.

Is there anything more American than the classic summertime foods? We think not. Chicken wings, nachos, cheeseburgers, and T-bone steak are just some of the mouthwatering meals waiting for you at Bucks Cabaret.

5. Scantily-clad women are a summertime must – and a gentlemen’s club has plenty for you and your crew to enjoy.

Whether you’re at the beach, the pool, or even hanging out at the bar, odds are that you and the guys are always on the lookout for lovely ladies in their skimpiest summer best. Those sexy sightings can be few and far between; that is unless you’re kicking back at the club. At Bucks Cabaret, you’ll really get to see it all.

6. It’s the ultimate staycation experience or summer vacation highlight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying home this summer or have a VIP vacation planned, a great night at the gentlemen’s club is a must. Regardless of what you and the guys usually like to do, it’s impossible not to have a great time when you’re all together at the club.

7. You and the guys can raise a glass to a spectacular summer that none of you will ever forget.

Cold beer, top-shelf liquor, or swanky cocktails – whatever your summer drink of choice might be, you can top off your glass at a gentlemen’s club. Bucks’ well-stocked bar will ensure that you and your friends never run out of liquid courage when it comes to chatting up your favorite fabulous performer.

Spend Your Summer at Bucks Cabaret

The Bucks Cabaret gentlemen’s clubs in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Philadelphia are already a year-round destination for guys in the know but come summer, things really start to heat up. There’s nothing quite like spending a summer day or night surrounded by our red-hot performers, all while you and the guys kick back with great food and ice-cold drinks. Gorgeous ladies, unmatched service, and plenty of memories waiting to be made – what else could you want this summer?

There’s a reason that Bucks Cabaret is a legendary name that tops the list of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Philadelphia, Dallas, and Fort Worth, and it has everything to do with the epic experiences we provide for our guests.

Make the most of your summer with the guys planning your next night out at the Bucks Cabaret near you.

Featured Image: Tomas Simkus/Shutterstock