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Buck’s Wild – Fort Worth Specials


When do you party? Since most of us are busy during the week, trying to put food on the table, we can only afford to relieve our stress during the weekend. That’s why we see many hotels and clubs full during weekends. 

But what if we could offer you some specials on food and drink on all days of the week? Would you make an appointment with us? If yes, you need to make a date with us, because we offer more than just a party. So come and enjoy the best happy hour in Fort Worth!

We bring you all the food, drinks, and entertainment specials in Fort Worth, TX, not to mention our beautiful girls ready to showcase their extraordinary dance moves. Continue reading to learn more about our daily food, drink, and entertainment specials.

Come Party With Us Seven Days a Week!

At Buck’s Wild, every day is a party. We present you with the opportunity to feel happy and elated around people while you enjoy the best specials on food and drinks – we have every drink on Earth. Our food menu has everything you would wish for. 

And for men, we know how you’re fascinated with the female body. Well, here’s an opportunity to see our beautiful girls. We bet you won’t take your eyes off their curvy bodies. If you like, you can get on the dance floor and show us your dancing moves. Our girls will be happy to dance with you.


Every day is a special day here at Buck’s Wild, Fort Worth, TX. We have special packages from Monday through Sunday. Here are our daily specials.


It’s almost the end of the weekend, so if you’re looking for an ideal place to party, come to Bucks Wild. We have a special offer of $10 dances and a $10 cover. Giving you the perfect opportunity to dance with our curvaceous girls.

Furthermore, if you’re a poker fan, you should make a date with us every Sunday. We have a free roll poker tournament every Sunday.


We almost always feel terrible on Mondays because it feels like a loss of freedom. If you feel that your mood is at the lowest and it’s on a Monday, welcome to Bucks Wild. 

We bring you the Monday madness with a 2-for-1 cover and $10 dances till 10 pm. So come and enjoy the best happy hour in our Fort Worth Buck’s Wild every Monday.


All Tuesdays are fun, but super Tuesdays are extraordinary. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss our super Tuesdays, which come every month on the first and third Tuesdays. 

All dances are $5 from open to close.


Enjoy a lady’s night every Wednesday at Bucks Wild. We offer free covers for ladies plus free frozen drinks.


If you’re a member of Bucks Wild, then Thursdays are your days, particularly the second Thursday of every month. This is the day we appreciate our VIPs.


Come and usher in the weekend at Bucks Wild every Friday. We are open from 11 am to 4 am on Fridays. Come and enjoy a full menu from the kitchen featuring all your favorite delicacies.


On Saturday, we are open from 11 am to 4 am. You should come prepared to get on the dance floor during the Sinferno Saturdays. We have guest DJs feeding your ears with the best music ever.

Best Food & Drink Specials in Fort Worth

We want you to experience the best happy hour in Fort Worth at Buck’s Wild. We have food, drink, and entertainment specials every week, from Sunday to Saturday. 

Want to enjoy food specials in Fort Worth? Get in touch with us for more information.